Silenceraloner The Origin

Posted: April 12, 2010 in hobby, Ndak Jelas (Blurry)
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The name “Silencer” in this blog inspired by a hero dota with the same name, silencer (not “silencer” in 3 idiot ofcourse..hahaha). He isn’t not my favourite hero..cause it’s very hard to make some kill with this hero (I think, He is a support hero). One thing that makes me interest on this hero is his skill that can disable any others hero spell. Play in the WTF mode..and you even can silencing the Zeus from his thunder god and Sven from his god’s strength. This hero can kill a God and a Godess! Insane!!

That’s why I combined his name with “aloner” in the back, to add more power to his Introvert-ness..and hope can be a God slaughter!! (clash of the titan wannabe)

  1. motekar says:

    konferensi pers juga akhirnhya lu boi

  2. silenceraloner says: chatur komen..^^

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