ED stand for ..

Posted: April 28, 2010 in iseng, quote

ED for Early Day
ED for Enlight Darkness
ED for EDominator
ED for EDhogawa
ED for EDucation
ED for Energizing Dream
ED for Enlarge Dimensions
ED for Empower Disposal
ED for Energy’s Distribution
ED for Enable Disposition
ED for Emotion’s Deconstruction
ED for Entrusting Do’a
ED for Enemy Down
ED for Enormous Disaster (I could if I want)
ED for End of the Day

In this context (positive motivation),Of course, ED here isn’t stand for Erectile Dysfunction..(ups!!)

If do you think ED stand for “Enak Dong”, I think it’s not a bad idea..
Mbah Surip wannabe, rite?? Hehe..

What’s your nickname stand for anyway??^^

  1. journalight says:

    PP stand for Pulang Pergi?
    gak enak banget kalo kaya gitu ><

  2. silenceraloner says:

    Gantis Bos..PP= Pasti Pas!!
    Udah,Dirut Pertamina inih..Hehe

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