Marriage = Fat ???

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Can getting married make you fat??

I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong..but some people told me to do that “married thing” when I asked them “How to increase my body weight?”

Come on….It’s not a best reason to get married!

It’s like say that you are getting married because you wish to have sex.

Since marriage is a promise to stay with someone for the rest of your life..I should be married for a holy-er reason instead of a fat reason..Hehe..


I envy with all of my female friends in the office..

It’s seems that whatever food they eat become fat in their body…

(While I am strugling very hard to increase my body weight…)

I am afraid that every breath they take also become fat in their body…Hahaha..

Just kidding girls!! 😛


Btw, My friend, Yuamar will get married this June 30.

Congratulation to you, Yuma!

I hope that I can come to your wedding…and know who’s that lucky girl..

or Maybe we can share about a fat theory there…. 😀

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