Steve Jobs Love This !!!

Posted: July 9, 2012 in iseng

Hellooooooow my “fruit boy”…

Now your boss gonna tell you something about an apple.. ,

You know better that today “apple” become one of the greatest company in the world,

And Steve Jobs were a jenius man behind that fruit’s story…

One of influence people in the world I guess..

In the past..

There was another  jenius man that also inspired by an apple..

His name’s Newton…

Because of an apple that fell on his head…he found a great law about gravitation.

Thanks God, It was an APPLE..

I can’t imagine what will happen if the fruit that hit his head was a DURIAN! 😀

So, You wanna be a Jenius Man too??

Eat a lot of apples, Dudes..!!

or if you don’t like with the taste, maybe you can hit your head with an apple everyday..(give a little shock to your brain)

Well, You never know, when the inspiration will come, Do You??


PS: And don’t forget to do a lot of  “jobs”…So you can be a hard and smart worker too..

writed by : A jenius man that also inspired by an apple..

  1. g says:

    hahaha.bisa aja… nice gan!

    • silenceraloner says:

      Eits..ada mahasiswa todaiiiii,,Sugoooiii!!!..Haha.
      Lama ga bersua ya Gan..
      Penerus pak hasbullah ni agaknya..:D

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